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Planer Board Line


We now carry 500# and 800# test pure Spectra planer board tow line. The lime green and orange Dacron lines were pretty, but they deteriorated and faded after one year of use. They also soaked up too much water and dragged along the surface.

Six years ago I switched to the 500# Spectra and it’s still going strong. Twice a year I cut about two feet off the end by the board as it will fuzz up from removing all the releases at the end of the day.

I don’t know how long the line will last because the line on the boat now is the original line I put on three years ago. There is no sign of deterioration. In fact, this year I had a boat troll between my boat and my board and tangle the line in his prop. He put his boat in neutral, but I had to keep mine in gear as I had three king salmon on at once. I tied my planer board line off my stern cleat and towed him backwards over 200’ until I netted all three fish. He untangled the line from his prop (it never broke) and sent my board on it’s way. He met me at the dock, apologized, and bought two spools of this line.

The line comes on spools of 200’, 300’, or any length to fit your needs. Normal use on Lake Erie is 200’. Some charters prefer the 300’, but I don’t like to run my boards out that far. Too much traffic, and I like to make fairly tight turns

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