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Fetha Stx Homewater Casting


It's no secret that there are a lot of bass rods out there. So before we built more we made sure that we had something new and better to offer. We sourced the finest blanks available and tweaked the designs until we were sure that we had something new and better. We put them into the hands of top fishermen and the results have been incredible. The line consists of 16 models to cover the gamut of techniques, line and lure weights.

Model Length PCS Line Lure Action Power
FS-HW-B-672-1C 6'7" 1 8-14lb 3/16-5/8oz Fast Medium
FS-HW-B-673-1C 6'7" 1 10-17lb 1/4-3/4oz Fast Med-Heavy
FS-HW-B-6103-1C 6'10" 1 6-14lb 1/8-5/8oz X-Fast Medium
FS-HE-B-704-1C 7' 1 8-20lb 5/16-5/8oz Mod-Fast Med-Heavy
FS-HW-722-1C 7'2" 1 8-14lb 3/16-5/8oz Fast Medium
FS-HW-B-723-1C 7'2" 1 10-17lb 1/4-2/4oz Fast Med-Heavy
FS-HW-B-724-1C 7'2" 1 12-20lb 1/4-1oz Fast Heavy
FS-HW-B-724-1C 7'8" 1 12-25lb 1/4-1oz Mod-Fast Heavy


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