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Buggy Bag Sea Anchor Trolling Bag


Twenty two years ago, I bought a sea anchor (trolling bag) from one of the big name marine suppliers. I hooked it up to my charter boat and went fishing. Two hours later, the bag blew out from the pressure of the moving boat as we trolled along looking for Lake Erie walleyes. I took the bag back to the store where they cheerfully gave me another bag. Figuring that I probably got a bad bag to begin with, I  loaded the new bag up and promptly blew that one out also. The store cheerfully refunded my money, but left me without a means of slowing by boat to proper trolling speed. I heard of an Amish tarp maker not far from me and went searching for him.  Since he doesn't advertise, or have a sign out, the only way I found him was by word of mouth and the thirty or so boats in his yard.  I asked him if he could make a sea anchor that had a better chance of holding up to the pressure of trolling. He didn't know.  He had never made one. After a little trial and error, the Buggy Bag Trolling Bag was born.

The majority of the charter captains in the central basin of Lake Erie now use these bags. Their durability has far exceeded my expectations. The local shops have carried them for a few years now, and it's time to branch out to the nation.

These bags come in seven sizes. All sizes are measured in open diameter. The size of the bag needed is dependent largely upon the size of the boat, the speed of the boat with no bags out, and how slow you need your boat to go. The following measurements are just a guideline.

The 15" and 18" bags are used on 12' to 20' boats. The 22" bag is used on boats from 20' to 24'. The 28" bag is used on boats from 24' to 30'. I have a 27' Sportcraft that weighs 6500 lbs., and I use a 28" bag every day. This bag will take me from 3.2 MPH to 2.2 MPH. When I need to go slower than 2.2 MPH, I have a 36" bag on the other side of the boat. the 36" bag is used for boats from 28' to 32'. The 48" bag is used for boats bigger than 32'. The 60" Whomper is for very special applications.

I almost always run only one bag. The exceptions are when I am in a big following sea, when I am Spring salmon fishing in water that is only 34 to 38 degrees, or Fall fishing for walleyes in 40 degree water.

I recommend using a 3/8" or bigger line from the boat to the front of the bag, and the same from the rear of the bag to the boat.  Adjust the line to the back of the bag so that it doesn't swing under the boat and into the prop, rudder, or outdrive.

I generally recommend that boats under 26' to 28' run two bags to balance out the steering of the boat. One on each side amidships.

If you order bags and they are either too small or too large, call me and I will buy them back and get you into the proper sized bags. Getting your boat tuned right is our objective.

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