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Bay Rat Cheap Sunglasses


Long Shallow - Floating Length: 4 3/8" Weight: 7/16 oz
Short Deep - Floating Length: 4 1/2" Weight: 3/8 oz

“One who has deep local knowledge of inlets, bays, channels, creeks. bars; familiar with good fishing or duck hunting spots. Grown up on or around the water. Bay Rats generally smell like fish or dead ducks, depending on which is in season.”

Bay Rat Lures was born from the requirements of “Bay Rats” – the color patterns, the versatility, the stringent quality requirements that hard-core outdoorsmen need to be successful at what they do.

These same hard-core outdoorsmen, working in the tool and die industry capitol of the world, Northwestern Pennsylvania combined their talents in the outdoors with their talents in the plastic injection molding world to create a uniquely American product – Bay Rat Lures.

Bay Rat Lures were designed, prototyped, and tested in the U.S.  Bay Rat Lures’ production molds were designed and manufactured in the U.S.  Bay Rat Lures high-quality components are all manufactured in the U.S. and Bay Rat Lures are molded, assembled, and painted in the U.S.  Bay Rat Lures, the uniquely American fishing lure.

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